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Corvallis Bridge Club
Kings Circle Shopping Center


New Deal Bridge Club
BBO online games

Albany Bridge Club
Two Rivers Market (upstairs)

HOT! New Classes and Lessons offered! "A Taste of Bridge"and "Thursday Morning Practice Lesson"
Temporary Calendar is now on the Calendar Page

Both Albany and Corvallis clubs require proof of vaccination.
For more information, contact Bob Peery (rapid35@comcast.net) about the Albany games and Mavis Tuten (kmtuten@comcast.net) for the Corvallis games.

	Game Schedule
	Albany    Open        Mon 12:30 	
	New Deal  Open        Mon  6:30    online game
	Corvallis 99er        Mon  6:45
	Corvallis Open/299er  Tue  1:00
	Corvallis Open        Tue  6:30    Max of 20 boards, finish by 9pm	
	Corvallis Open        Wed  1:00 	
	Albany    Open        Thu 12:30 
	New Deal  Open/299er  Thu  1:00    online game
	Corvallis Open        Fri 10:10 	
	Corvallis Open        Fri  6:30    Max of 20 boards, finish by 9pm	
	Corvallis Open        Sun  1:00    Unit Game (3rd Sundays only)