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Corvallis Bridge Club
Kings Circle Shopping Center


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Two Rivers Market (upstairs)

Corvallis Announcements


Fall Classes

Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction

Instructor: Mysti Weber

Mondays from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

September 11 - October 30

$40 plus $XX for the book (available at first class)


Intermediate Bridge

Play of the Hand

Instructor: David Smith

Thursdays from 4:00 - 6:00 PM

September 14 - November 2

$40 plus $XX for the book (available at first class)

Open to All: Defense In the Twentieth Century
Instructor: Rick Garvin
Class Schedule: 8 Lessons - Wednesday 10am-noon
Lesson 1 - Opening Leads against Notrump Contracts
Lesson 2 - Opening Leads against Suit Contracts
Lesson 3 - Third-Hand Play
Lesson 4 - Second-Hand Play
Lesson 5 - Defensive Signals
Lesson 6 - Developing Defensive Tricks
Lesson 7 - Interfering with Declarer
Lesson 8 - Making a Plan

Cost: $40 or drop-in $5 / session - - Book Cost is $11 (available at the first lesson - see Rick)




Just for your information, future classes will continue with Bridge Basics II and III (winter and spring), Defense will repeat in the winter, 2/1 will be in the spring.

Please check our Classes Page for currently available lessons, training, and classes.