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All persons are now required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth when playing bridge or attending classes at the Corvallis Bridge Center. The mask may be removed briefly for eating and drinking. 

The Board of the Corvallis Duplicate Bridge Club voted today, July 19, 2022, to re-institute the mask mandate due to rising incidents of Covid-19 in this community as well as a recognition that requesting others to wear a mask at the bridge table is a difficult request for some to make and has, on several occasions, been met with refusal. This mask mandate is in effect until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Mavis Tuten
Corvallis Duplicate Bridge Club

Game Schedule
	Albany    Open        Mon 12:30  
New Deal Open Mon 6:30 online game
Corvallis 99er Mon 6:45 online game (except April 18th which is a Royal Stac game).
Corvallis Open/299er Tue 1:00
Corvallis Open Wed 1:00
Albany Open Thu 12:30
New Deal Open Thu 1:00 online game
Corvallis Open Fri 10:00
Corvallis Open Fri 6:30 Max of 20 boards, finish by 9pm
Corvallis Open Sun 1:00 Unit Game (3rd Sundays only)