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Albany and Corvallis Duplicate Bridge Clubs OPEN Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.
Friday evening game is cancelled.

Albany Thursday game is a TEAM Game.

Both Albany and Corvallis clubs require proof of vaccination.
For more information, contact Bob Peery (rapid35@comcast.net) about the Albany games and Mavis Tuten (kmtuten@comcast.net) for the Corvallis games.

  April 11th through April 19th are Royal Stac games at the Corvallis Club.

Game Schedule
	Albany    Open        Mon 12:30  
New Deal Open Mon 6:30 online game
Corvallis 99er Mon 6:45 online game (except April 18th which is a Royal Stac game).
Corvallis Open/299er Tue 1:00
Corvallis Open Wed 1:00
Albany Open Thu 12:30
New Deal Open Thu 1:00 online game
Corvallis Open Fri 10:00
Corvallis Open Fri 6:30 Max of 20 boards, finish by 9pm
Corvallis Open Sun 1:00 Unit Game (3rd Sundays only)